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“Don’t just deliver pizzas, safeguard them with the pizza seatbelt. Ensure consistent pizza delivery every time! No spills, no messes, no clumps of cheese and other toppings. Finally the pizza your customer ordered just the way they want it…”Inventor - Giuseppe DiFiore

How Does it work?

The Pizza Seatbelt is a sturdy plastic seat used to keep pizzas elevated & from shifting around!

1. CLICK IT. Simply buckle  the car’s seatbelt
2. PINCH IT. Pinch the belt together downward on the seat
3. HOOK IT. Hook the Pizza Seatbelt behind the car’s seatbelt
4. DELIVER IT. Place your pizzas on top of the Pizza Seatbelt

NO MORE SLOPPY PIZZAS! It is GUARANTEED to protect & elevate your pizzas. Owners you can now send your “work of art” with your delivery drivers with confidence & your loyal customers will enjoy!

The Problem

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    Delivering sloppy pizzas

  • Connector.

    Unhappy customers

  • Connector.

    Increase in food cost

Pizza gets messy when piping hot and delivering…
The Pizza Seatbelt is the way to solve this problem

The Solution

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    Perfect Pizza Delivery Everytime

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    Happy Customers

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    Decrease in Food costs

Owners you can now send your “work of art” with your delivery drivers with confidence & your loyal customers will enjoy

Why Buy

“As a former pizza delivery guy, I can confirm that toppings falling off a pizza is pretty common. Whether the pizza is in an insulated bag or not, 90% of the time it’s put on a car seat, which is slanted so all that cheese just slips and slides right off that pizza. This why the Pizza Seat Belt is a must! I keeps the pizza(s) straight and the pizza and its toppings from sliding all over the place! I highly recommend the Pizza Seat Belt. ”
Joe Castle (Pizza Deliveryman for 20 years)

“So whether you are a pizza delivery specialist, a pizza shop owner, or just a pizza enthusiast…Get the belt that delivers perfect pizza every time – The Pizza Seat Belt…”Inventor - Giuseppe DiFiore

The What & The Why…

The Pizza Seatbelt® is carseat that was created to be placed on any passenger seat to keep fresh ingredients from sliding off the pizzas.

The Pizza Seatbelt® was invented by Guiseppe DiFiore, a real Pizza Shop & Restaurant Owner, that has been in business for over 30 years. He focused on developing a solution to make his restaurant & catering deliveries more effective. This idea was brought to light when customers repeatedly complained, stating that the toppings on their pizzas had shifted to one side.

  • Say, “Goodbye” to Sloppy Pizzas!
  • Say, “Hello” to Happy Customers!
  • Say, “Hello” to Saving Money!



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